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GUIDELINES                                                                            Guidelines.pdf

Czech and Slovak Cup MTBO round 10 and 11


Organizer: The Czech O-Federation (ČSOS)
Technical provider: SKOB Zlín
Date: August 8th -9th , 2015
Event Centre: Lyžařský svah – Zlín GPS:  N 49°13.12958′, E 17°40.06940′
Registration office: Saturday August 8th  10:30 – 12:00,  in the event centre

Sunday August 9th 8:00 – 09:00, in the event centre

When paying cash you will be asked to pay in Czech crowns, if you pay in Euro you will be given the change in the Czech currency

Start: Saturday August 8th  00 = 13:00 – middle

Sunday August 9th 00 = 10:00 – long

Open Long and Open Short – you can start the race whenever you want by punching your SPORT Ident, at the latest 100 minutes after the 00:00 startOther categories – interval start according to the start list

Distances: Centrum – Accomodation: 100m

Centrum – Parking: 0 mFinish – Centre: 0m

Saturday: Centre – Start 1,7 km, erelevation of 77m. Attention, you will be crossing a main road! About 30m of this route goes through a one way street, please get off your bikes there!! 

Sunday: Centre – Start 1 km, erelevation of 34m. Attention, you will be crossing a main road!For both days you will get a little map with the route to teh start.

SPORTIdent Readout: In the event centre on both days
Banned areas: It is strictly forbidden to go into the hatched areas and also forbidden roads (zig-zagged in the map). There will also be cumpulsory sections marked in the map, in the field marked with red streamers.Violation of these bans is a reason for disqualification.
Expected winner time:  According to the valid rules of practice
Time limit: Saturday August 8th, 2015 – middle, 120 minutes

Sunday August 9th, 2015 – long, 300 minutes

Specification of tracks:
Cat. Length Elevation Number of controls Cat. Length Elevation Number of controls
[km] [m] [km] [m]
W14 4,54 209 11 W14 7,22 155 9
M14 4,75 227 11 M14 8,02 204 14
W17 6,02 257 17 W17 10,73 148 14
W40 6,02 257 17 W40 12,82 254 20
W50 6,02 257 17 W50 11,33 229 18
M17 6,81 286 19 M17 11,85 222 17
W20 6,79 299 19 W20 12,75 238 16
M20 8,56 331 19 M20 17,20 359 18
W21E 8,66 342 21 W21E 15,24 252 17
M21E 10,55 420 25 M21E 23,67 345 22
W21A 7,46 310 18 W21A 15,24 234 16
W21B 6,96 278 17 W21B 11,91 232 15
M21A 9,18 341 20 M21A 17,06 351 19
M21B 7,72 282 18 M21B 14,25 272 13
M21C 6,82 240 17 M21C 10,94 267 16
M40 9,02 333 20 M40 18,67 315 20
M50 7,31 287 17 M50 14,90 272 17
M60 7,31 287 17 M60 14,90 272 17
Open Short 4,26 206 10 Open Short 8,56 158 14
Open Long 6,50 214 14 Open Long 15,81 318 16
Parking: Parking directly in the event centre, for the following fees: 50 CZK/car/weekend, 100 CZK/mobile home/weekend. Please respect the organizer instructions.
Accomodation: The gym and Domov mládeže (beds) are very close to the event centre, you will receive your accomodation vouchers at the registration.
Maps: Saturday: SpalBa  1:15000 , e-5m, format A4

Sunday: Lajthaus 1:15000, e-5m, format A3

ATTENTION, edges of the sunday’s map will be rotated 45° from North. This will be clearly marked in the map.

Information: www: 00 420 606 786 802 Hančíková M.
Terrain: Municipal mixed forest in traditional Zlín hilly (reasonable) terrain, run through by not only thousands of fast little paths (the side closer to the town) but also by ways fading away in the leaves, grass and fern.
Punching system: All competitors must use SPORT Ident of 5th – 11th generation.
Starting numbers: Will be collected after the Sunday race, unused numbers should be kindly returned to the registration office.
Warning: As the municipal forest is frequently visited by tourists we kindly ask all competitors to be extra careful.  Technical check for the competitors of Open and WM14 categories will be done at Start. Each competitor must have a helmet on, otherwise he will be denied the participation.Attention, some categories might choose to ride on local and less frequently used roads. In this case, please be careful and respect the traffic regulations. On Saturday a busy main road will be crossed during the race and on Sunday there will be a cumpolsory section on a road crossing the main road at a roundabout  – on both days these sections will be assisted by the organizer, however it does not mean that you have an automatic priority to pass. Respect the organizer instructions and be etra careful!There will be marked (red dashes) sections in the map of less visible roads that will be signalized by red streamers in the forest Rideable areas will be marked with black hachures in the map.
Rules: All competitors have to respect Czech MTBO rules and regulations. Violation of these rules is a reason for disqualification.
Protests: Written protests – 200 CZK – are to be claimed by the head referee.
Jury: The participation will be offered to the following competitors:

Jaroslav Rygl, Jan Lauerman, Věrka Pařízková

Results: Through results will be displayed in the event centre.
Prize giving ceremony: Saturday: in the event centre at 7:30 pm, before the party meningSunday: in the event centre at around 2:30 pmThree best places will be announced.
Party: Immediately after the prize giving ceremony a party will begin, its main theme will be the celebration of the International Day of the Female Orgasm as its celebrations falls on Saturday 8th August, there will also be a life musical performance and more.
Boarding: In the event centre BBQ specialities will be sold, also the choice of beverages will be vast. Cafeteria Zucafé will be ready for the lovers of good coffee. There is a list of recommended local restaurants and bars ready for you on our website.
MTBO Kindergarten: Will be provided in the race centre during both races (with an interesting bike race for older children)
Bike depository: For the night from Saturday to Sunday it will be possible to deposit your bike in the nearby school. On Saturday, please deposit your bikes between 6 and 7 pm, and on Sunday pick them up between 8.30 – 9.30 am. Each bike will have a depository tag (a bracelet), and when you pick it up you will have to present this tag.
Toiltes, showers: There will be showers and toilets available right in the event centre, other possibilities – in your accomodation. Everything will be clearly marked.
Washing of the bikes: WAP in the event centre.
First aid:  A doctor will be present in the event centre on both days.
Organising committee:
Event director: Hančíková Michaela
Head referee: Vavrysová Lenka
Track planners: Graubner Jan (Middle)Novotný Petr (Long)